Steemit – Stone Henge photo post

So I’ve recently come across Steemit, which is a cryptocurrency, blockchain based social media site. The concept is very interesting, in that you are paid for content creation in cryptocurrency. Whilst normal social media use user generated content to drive advertising revenue, this platform pays content creators to bring more users into the platform. At least that’s my understanding of being involved for a week!

You can check out my Stone Henge post. I’m quite proud of the photos I took, and I explain what the experience meant to me in the post.

Ben Lee Interview

vlcsnap-2017-12-29-10h23m09s939I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ben Lee in Port Douglas earlier in 2017. We discussed many topics from Men’s health to spirituality & self care. I can’t wait to piece this together into my documentary. Filming is still underway with an expected finish date of February 2018.